What’s involved in an electrical inspection & what does it cost?

Apr 21, 2021

Cost Of An Electrical Inspection & What Is Involved


Electrical wiring that is not up to standards poses a threat to everyone’s safety by creating a serious risk of fires or electrocution. It’s the duty of the homeowner or building manager to make sure the electrical system of their home, or commercial space, is safe and up to date, but the question arises, what’s involved in this process and what is the cost of an electrical inspection? The best way to determine this is by getting an electrical inspection completed. Electrical inspections are done by a licensed electrician to determine the state of the electrical systems in a building. These inspections are usually done before buying, selling, or undertaking renovations on a building, but regular inspections are recommended to ensure dwellings are safe for those that live, work, or use the space.

The inspector will make sure that wires are not hanging dangerously, and that they are properly intact and fastened. They will specifically be ensuring that there is no chance of a fire occurring and will inspect all conduits and panels to ensure they do not have a serious threat of becoming a fire hazard due to their positioning and age. During the inspection, they will check the breaker panel to ensure it was installed and grounded properly.

An inspector will then run trials to examine if the electrical system is safe and effective. If something is deemed to be unsafe during the inspection it is the duty of the homeowner or property manager to work with a licensed electrician to correct the problem.

Electrical inspections typically cost around $300 – $450. However, the total electrical inspection cost will vary depending on a few factors, such as your home’s size. By requesting price quotes from electrical inspection services in your area, you can better determine the estimated cost. While the upfront cost may seem high, an electrical inspection can save you time and money that a fire, or larger electrical issues would cost you down the road.

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