What is the Cost of Rewiring an Old House in Surrey?

Jun 8, 2021

Looking To Rewire An Old Home In Surrey?


Like most things, the wiring in your house is not meant to last forever. Rewiring an old house is especially important as technology progresses and old wiring begins to pose a safety risk for those occupying the home. It can also affect resale values as well which is why we will discuss the cost of rewiring an old house in Surrey and within the Lower Mainland

This is why it is crucial to factor in the cost of rewiring if you happen to be moving into an older home. When looking at the cost to rewire an old house in Surrey, there are many factors that play into the cost of rewiring. It’s important to note that where you are located will affect how much you’re looking at spending. 

Permit: Firstly, you’ll need an electrical permit through the City of Surrey. This process will take 5-7 business days, so factor that into your schedule before going ahead with any projects. The permit fee can vary depending on the value of the work being done. Having a professional familiar with the city and regulations will help smooth over any bumps you may encounter through this process.

Size: As a general guideline, rewiring a 1200 square foot home in Canada will cost upwards of $13,000. Of course, with more space comes more hours spent and more work done to your home in order to get to the wiring and replace it. 

Layout: There are some beautiful and unique homes in Surrey, and that will play into the cost of rewiring your home as well. How accessible the wiring is will affect the speed and difficulty of the job. Special design details such as high ceilings or a curved staircase may require additional equipment to ensure ease of access as well.

Materials: Of course, out with the old means in with the new. The cost of new materials for your rewiring job will account for a large portion of the overall project. While prices vary depending on the quality of materials, it is worth the investment to maximize your spending in this department so your rewiring can last as long as possible.

Overall, when it is time to rewire your Surrey home, you are looking at spending anywhere between $15,000 and $40,000. While this is no small investment, it is nothing compared to the cost and devastation that outdated wiring can cause. If you’re interested in rewiring your home, or curious to get a second opinion, the technicians at AJ’s Electrical are the professionals in your area and are happy to provide you with a quote, on what it will cost to rewire an old house in Surrey.


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