Will dimmer switches use less electricity than a typical light switch?

Sep 2, 2022

Dimmer switches allow you to control the amount of light produced from a lightbulb without the use of wires. They provide mood lighting, but also different lighting to create other atmospheres without moving around furniture or redecorating. Using a dimmer switch is a great way to change a room’s aesthetic appeal. But the real question is “are you actually saving energy by doing this?”. Keep reading to find if dimmer switches use less electricity or not.


How do dimmers work?

Before deciphering if dimmers really use less electricity, we must first understand how a dimmer actually works. In the past dimmer switches sent the same amount of energy to the light bulb regardless where the switch was. These types of dimmers did not save energy or electricity. Since then important improvements have happened so dimmers only send the energy that is actually needed to power the lights. When lights are low, the dimmer switch will send less electricity than it would if the lights were full brightness.


Utility providers today charge based on the amount of energy used every month. Because dimmer switches reduce the amount of energy by using less electricity, these dimmers are bound to save you money.


Do dimmers switches use less electricity?

A dimmer switch cannot save electricity on its own, it does require help. Instead of the lights on the same level throughout the day, consider adjusting the dimmer switch to a different level. As more lighting will be needed in the evenings because of the darker natural light. Turn the dimmer switch down in the mornings and afternoons since less light is needed when the sun is shining. This helps save electricity, but it also helps match your indoor lighting to the natural lighting outside.


Although it can be a pain, adjust the lighting to fit the time of day will aid in saving electricity. If you would rather not worry about getting up at all, consider investing in smart lighting. They can be controlled from your smartphone without interruptions or getting up.


Make these changes for a few weeks and pay close attention to the settings your dimmer is at. In the following months, watch your utility bills decrease due to less electricity you are using by adjusting your dimmer.

Saving electricity means a longer lightbulb lifespan!

Most homeowners will not have the dimmer in their home full lighting all the time. This is a way dimmer switches are saving the lifespan of the lightbulb as well as overall electricity. This will also show a huge reduction in the amount of light bulbs being purchased overtime. On average dimmers can make a lightbulb last up to 6 years instead of the regular three to four years. This way you are saving electricity, time and money by reducing the amount of light produced by your dimmers.


To ensure you are conserving the most energy and electricity in your home with a light dimmer switch. Contact AJ’s Electrical to help determine what set up is best for your home and budget. When it comes to providing top-quality electrical planning, and installation services. We make sure to get the job done right the first time, and we are here to help!

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