Why It’s Important to Rewire Older Homes

Jul 3, 2019

Reasons to Rewire Your Home & Get Proper Home Electrical Wiring

Older homes have a certain amount of quaintness, and many homeowners want to preserve this charm when renovating. However, it’s important to fully update all of the wiring and outlets in your older home as soon as possible.

Electrical contractors in Vancouver will tell you that most homes built prior to the 1970s have aluminum wiring, which is prone to fire and shock hazards. In addition, there are a few other important reasons why you should call an electrician in Vancouver to rewire your older home.

Major Safety Risks

Even if the wiring in your home happens to be in good condition, older wiring can still pose significant safety risks to you and your family.

First, old wiring often has deteriorating insulation, which increases the likelihood of fire. Second, the current regulations and safety standards that all homes must adhere to now didn’t exist before the ‘70s. This means that this type of electrical system likely won’t pass a current safety inspection.

Finally, most older homes don’t have grounding wires to prevent power surges and electrocution. Any electrician in Coquitlam can tell you that a wall outlet with only two slots is a risk to your safety.

High Electricity Bills

Older homes weren’t designed to be energy-efficient by today’s standards, and this is likely reflected in your power bill. Defective wiring and overloaded circuits can run up your energy usage, and trying to plug in energy-efficient appliances to an old system simply won’t work.

When you have an electrician from Burnaby rewire your home, he or she can not only replace old wiring but can also install additional circuitry to help manage the flow of electricity more efficiently.

Better Property Value

Should you ever decide to rent or sell your home, having updated, efficient and safe electrical systems will be a huge boost to the property value. If you’re renting to tenants, you will be able to charge a higher rent amount, and you’ll likely experience fewer problem calls.

If you’re selling your house, prospective buyers will be far more likely to make offers since you’ve already invested in the difficult work of rewiring the entire home.

Let Us Help You Rewire Your Older Home

If you’re unsure about the condition of the wiring in your house, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and call an electrician at AJ’s Electrical. Our team of knowledgeable professionals can assess the wiring in your home and recommend the best plan of action to keep you and your family safe.


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