Why is my electric bill so high in Vancouver?

May 18, 2021

Vancouver is a notoriously expensive place to live, so it should be a surprise we have a high electric bill. Not only are we paying too much for our goods and services, but the cost of electricity is exceptionally high. One of the things that stands out to new homeowners is the cost of their electric bill. It leaves them asking why is my electric bill so high in Vancouver, and what can I do about it? There are some things a homeowner should be aware of that will spike their electricity bill. This could save them from unexpected charges if you’re not prepared.

The Winter Months

Vancouver has very distinct seasons, which makes it a beautiful place to live, but it also makes it more expensive. Canadian city’s winters can get cold, and when we’re dealing with cold snaps your electricity bill is going to climb. Heating your home takes a lot of electricity. Running your heating non stop from November through March causes a high electric bill when you’re living in Vancouver.

Bill Skyrocketed

If your bill used to be lower and you noticed it suddenly skyrocket. Consider changes in your life that are requiring more electricity usage. A new addition to your family such as a baby can introduce new expenses into your home. Babies have you turning on lights at all hours of the night and using more electronic-based products and toys. Even having guests in your home, or a new tenant can make your electricity bill go up. So pay attention to extra people that may be spiking your electricity bill.

High Electric Bill Due To New Appliances

New appliances and technology are things that everyone loves. But they can take a toll on your electricity bill. Getting a new appliance that uses electricity is going to add to your electricity bill in a major way. One of the biggest draws is an electric vehicle. Electric cars are becoming more popular in Vancouver and with this trend comes a higher draw on electricity for many Vancouverites. Electric vehicles are still going to be less expensive than buying petrol, but electricity isn’t free and charging your vehicle at home is going to make your electricity bill more expensive. 

With these considerations in mind, you might gain some insight into why your electric bill is so high in Vancouver. There are a lot of factors that play into your monthly bill, but those are some big ones that you may not be considering. Electricity usage spikes don’t happen randomly so look at what you had going on in your life over the last month and see what extra people, new technology, or temperature fluxes could be causing your electricity bill to be so high.


If you believe your electricity bill is unusually high and you don’t believe it was caused by any external factors, give us a call. Our expert team at AJ’s Electical is happy to help by troubleshooting the electricity problems in your home and finding out if an issue is causing your electricity bill to be abnormally high. Contact us for a free quote on your electricity problem today.

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