Whole House Surge Protection

Sep 15, 2018

Get Your Electrical House Wiring Set Up By a Certified Electrician

Does your home need surge protection? A high-quality whole-house surge protector can prevent valuable electronics from being destroyed during lighting storms while saving you money on energy costs. These devices should be installed by experienced electrical contractors in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Surrey or Burnaby. If you’re considering surge protection for your home, here’s what you need to know about this important device.

What is a Surge Protector?

A surge protector is a device designed to protect electronics from voltage spikes. The protector limits the voltage supplied to devices by either shorting or blocking unwanted voltages above a certain threshold. You’re likely familiar with surge protectors shaped like a power strip or box, featuring several receptacles for your appliances.

Whole-house surge protectors provide comprehensive defence against damaging electrical surges. These are wired to the electric service box by an electrician. After the electrician finishes the installation, each appliance and electrical system in your home is protected.

Benefits of Surge Protectors

In addition to protecting your appliances from damage, surge protectors offer significant energy costs. Most appliances continue to draw electricity even when they are turned off. These “vampire appliances” typically account for a large portion of your hydro costs. With a basic surge protector recommended by one of our electricians, you simply unplug the protector to power down multiple appliances at once. However, basic protectors do not offer the defence of a whole-house system installed by an electrician.

Whole-house surge protectors can help you save thousands of dollars in damages caused by electrical surges. While you may think that lightning is the primary cause of surges, electrical motors and compressors can also cause appliance damage. Surge protection from our electrician in Vancouver or electrician in Burnaby can block unwanted voltages before they cause harm. You also may notice changes in electrical usage – many homeowners with whole-house protection say that their light bulbs now last longer.

Cost Considerations for Whole-House Surge Protectors

Homes with extensive electrical needs, such as those with new appliances or sensitive equipment, often require whole-house protection. The total cost will depend on how many components require protection, but most installations are less than $1,000 – far less than the cost of replacing multiple devices.

Safety is an important consideration when choosing a whole-house surge protector. Whole-house installations should not be attempted by homeowners; instead, contact an electrician for a consultation.

Protect your investment with a whole-house surge protector from our electrical contractors servicing the Lower Mainland including Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Delta and Langley. Find out more about this money-saving service by giving AJ’s Electrical a call.


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