What To Do When The Electrical Breaker Isn’t Responding

May 24, 2023

If an electrical breaker isn’t responding you do not have any protection against electrical circuit damage. An electrical breaker, also known as a circuit breaker, are crucial for maintaining electrical safety and preventing hazards in homes and buildings. 

Electrical breakers manage a single circuit which typically corresponds to a room or a section of your home. When there is an excessive electrical current, the breakers will automatically shut off to prevent any damage – this is called a breaker trip. But what if your electrical breakers are unresponsive? Here’s what to do when the electrical breaker isn’t responding.  

First off, assess the situation to find out if the issue is limited to one area of your home or the whole property. Signs of an unresponsive breaker include a lack of power in specific areas, tripped circuits, or appliances not working. Once you have determined the affected area, check other electrical devices in that area to rule out any individual malfunctions. 

Next, you should reset the breaker. Locate your electrical panel or breaker box, usually found in the garage or basement of a home. Open up the panel door and find the breaker switch that is in the “off” position. Switch it completely off, then back on again. Listen for any clicking sounds or signs of the breaker tripping again. A simple reset of the breaker may restore power to the circuit. 

If resetting the breaker didn’t solve the problem, you should try unplugging all of the electronic devices on the affected circuit. After unplugging the devices or appliances, try resetting the breaker switch again. If the switch stays on, then one of your devices may have been the problem. To find the culprit, you can plug each one individually until you discover which one was tripping the breaker. 

If the breaker continues to be unresponsive, it’s time to investigate further. Check your electrical panel and look for any signs of damage like burnt wires, loose connections, or scorch marks. A bad circuit breaker is a danger to everyone in your home or building. You must ensure you handle it immediately as a bad breaker could become a fire hazard if left unchecked. 

If you notice any damage or other issues you are unsure of how to deal with, it’s best to contact a licensed electrician to help you further assess any damage to your breaker panel and breakers. They can assess the wiring, identify any underlying issues, and perform the necessary repairs or replacements to restore power safely.

If you need help with an unresponsive electrical breaker, we can help! With over 60 years of combined experience, our team can guide and support you with your upgrade. Contact us today!

Electrical Breaker Isn’t Responding | What To Do


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