What outdoor lighting fixtures are best

Jul 7, 2023

There’s no doubt that outdoor lighting fixtures can enhance your outdoor living space. Outdoor lights can extend your outdoor living time, improve safety and security, and add style to your home’s overall look. Choosing the right outdoor lighting can be tough. When choosing lights, you want to look for fixtures that add warmth, ambiance, and style to your space – while still being functional. You also might want outdoor lighting to serve as safety and security to protect your home from theft. There are three main factors to focus on when choosing your outdoor lighting fixtures.

Three Main Factors For Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

  1. The area you want to illuminate.
  2. Your main goal for the light – are the lights for security, aesthetics, to highlight landscaping, or simply for light? 
  3. Your budget.


Now that you’ve considered those factors, let’s discuss the best light fixtures based on your outdoor area.


Exterior walls 

Wall sconces are a popular choice for exterior lighting. Flush-mount wall sconces bring maximum light to your exterior without taking up too much space. These fixtures come in various styles and sizes to enhance your home’s architectural features while providing light. 



Path lights are ideal for illuminating walkways, driveways, or garden paths. Typically, these fixtures are low to the ground and provide a soft, guiding light. Path lights are also great for bringing attention to specific areas of your garden or yard. 


Landscape features 

Floodlights or pot lights are best to showcase different areas of your landscape. These light fixtures are great for highlighting trees, sculptures, plants, and other features in your yard. On another note, floodlights are also great for added security. You’ll often find these lights in driveways and backyards, which can help deter potential thieves and burglars. 


Patio Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Your patio serves as an oasis for relaxation and entertaining guests; the right lighting can elevate the ambiance. Lantern-style, wall-mounted sconces, and pendant lights are all great options when it comes to patio lighting. Lantern-style fixtures are versatile and can be placed on tables, hung by hooks, or mounted on walls. They provide a charming, ambient glow. 

If you’re looking to illuminate specific areas on the patio, such as entryways or seating areas, then wall-mounted sconces are the best choice. We suggest opting for pendant lights to add a touch of elegance to your patio. For something a little less permanent than a fixture, there’s always the option for string lights or torch lights. These types of lights can create a warm, inviting atmosphere and be swapped out depending on the season or event. 


When it comes to choosing the besting outdoor lighting fixture, it comes down to three factors, which area you’re trying to illuminate, the purpose of the lighting, and your budget. For different areas in your yard, various fixtures will work just right for your style and budget. If you need help with your outdoor light fixtures, AJ Electrical can help! With over 60 years of combined experience, our team can guide and support you with your upgrade. Contact us today!

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