What is the best EV charger for my home?

May 14, 2021

Buying an electric car is an exciting new venture. One of the greatest benefits of an electric vehicle is never having to stop for gas. You can power your car overnight when you’re home, or at a public EV charging station while you’re out. But when it comes to EV charging options for your home it can get a little confusing. How can you tell what the best EV Charger For My Home? There are many different types of electric car chargers to suit many different electric cars. A hybrid for example likely won’t require the same level of charger as a more demanding electric vehicle. We’re breaking it down so you can find your best home EV charger.

Your electric car will typically come with a standard EV level 1 charger. This is a charger that can be plugged directly into a 120V outlet and will charge your car. This kind of charger takes a while to charge vehicles often leaving drivers waiting 20+ hours for a full charge. For some drivers, this might work perfectly and be the best home EV charger for them. These work great for hybrids or for people who don’t often drive long distances taking up a full charge. If your vehicle just needs a top-up at night, this is an excellent choice.

The EV level 2 charger packs a bit more of a punch. These chargers usually need to be purchased separately and come in a range of different prices between $300 and $800. These chargers require an outlet that delivers more power. A 240V outlet can easily be installed by a professional electrician to accommodate a charger like this. These chargers can give your vehicle a full charge 2 to 3 times faster than a level 1 charger. These chargers need to be installed by an electrician and can be placed wherever you park your car as weatherproof models are available. 

There are also level 3 EV chargers that work incredibly quickly. These chargers can get your vehicle 80% charged in 30-40 minute. However, level 3 EV chargers aren’t designed for in-home use, you will find these chargers at public charging stations.

When you’re looking for your best home EV charger you first need to take your car and your driving habits into consideration. Think about what you will need from your vehicle so you can plan accordingly. If you need an electrician to install your EV charger look no further than the experts at AJ’s Electrical. Our team has tons of experience with EV charger installations and can finish the job quickly. Contact us today for a quote on your installation. 

EV Charger For My Home


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