What Is An Electrical Consultation For A Home in Vancouver?

Jun 1, 2021

When receiving an electrical consultation for your home in Vancouver, it is important to have a clear idea in mind on what you desire. Understanding your electrical plans can speed up the process of the consultation. Some things to keep in mind are furniture placement, where the internet router should be, and where appliances will be located in each room. With this being said, outdoor spaces are also something to consider when planning for an electrical consultation. 

Things To Consider

Once you have an idea of what you want for your home, book a consultation for a date at your convenience. A list to keep in mind includes:

  • Obtain a copy of your standard electrical plan and inclusions list. 
  • Look for inspiration for how your home set up may look and how furniture may be positioned 
  • Be aware of design changes, sometimes it is what is most practical and safe that needs to be implemented
  • Be in contact with your internet, telephone, and other services providers


Questions To Ask During An Electrical Consultation

Once these things have been taken into consideration, the electrical consultation process will begin for your Vancouver home. Some important questions to ask, depending on your home and needs, may include: 

  1. How much electrical service is needed for my new home; how can I be sure that it’s sufficient for future needs?
  2. Are there different kinds of plugs and switches? What are the reasons for them, and where are they appropriate? Is it possible to plan a central device-charging station and eliminate all the separate cords?
  3. It is possible to “pre-wire” for smart technology, but wait to install it at some time in the future? What about home security, door-jamb light switches, computer modems, cable television, satellite TV and internet, and all the other technology that I don’t know if I want or will use?
  4. What about smart locks, landscape lighting, smoke and fire alarms, and air-quality monitors? 
  5. Can recessed cans and ceiling lights be controlled from more than one location? Can they be controlled individually? Should I install dimmers for ceiling lights? Are motion sensors practical for my home?
  6. Does a ceiling fan need special wiring? What about a chandelier? Are floor plugs necessary, and are they expensive? If I want to install a wall-mounted television, what about cable and satellite? Will the cords have to be visible?
  7. How much will extra plugs and switches cost?

Planning ahead for electrical changes and implementation in your home is both efficient and cost-effective. Whether you are building a new home or upgrading your current one, qualified technicians will ensure the electrical is done safely and securely. For more information contact us and receive your free quote today. 

What is an Electrical Consultation for a Home in Vancouver?


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