What Is A Ground Wire And Why They Are Important

Mar 21, 2022

Ground wiring, or a ground wire is a term often thrown around when discussing a home’s electrical wiring. But what exactly does it do? 

Purpose of a Ground Wire

Ground wiring is an electrical wire that travels into the ground below your home to deliver excess energy. This protects your home from electrical shocks and extends safety to yourself, your appliances and your home. Ground wires in a home will carry excess electricity back to an electrical panel. A ground wire provides an additional route to carry electricity to the ground beneath your home.

As the earth has a negative electrical charge, the positive charge of electricity is drawn to it. Through the ground wire, excess charges can safely discharge in the earth. Without the dangers of a potential electrical fire or shock. 

Benefits of a Ground Wire

Not only do grounding wires provide a safe space for the discharge of electricity, they also provide many other benefits for homeowners. First of all, ground wiring can assist in the stabilization of your voltage levels! This is extremely beneficial for homeowners as it prevents circuit overload, and even the potential blow of a circuit. If there did happen to be an electrical overload, the grounding wire safely directs the electricity back into the earth. This would save your precious and costly electrical devices and appliances that may be plugged in.


Not only are you saving thousands of dollars worth of appliances and electronics, you are also taking care of your family and self. Overloads can be extremely harmful, potentially starting fires or causing serious injury through lethal shock. These dangers point to the importance of a grounding wire for your home.

The more you know about your home, including whether or not you have a grounding wire, the more you can ensure the protection and safety of your home and those inside. If your home was built after the  1960s, you likely have an electrical grounding wire already! If you are curious to know for sure, contact us here at at AJ’s Electrical Service & Repair for an electrical inspection. Since 2003, our team of experts have been assisting customers throughout the Lower Mainland with their electrical needs.  Contact us today for an electrical inspection!

What is a ground wire?


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