What Are The Costs To Rewire A House In BC?

Apr 27, 2021

If you home is using old wiring, it may be time to start considering the costs to rewire a house. A home can become worn over time and dangerous for those living in the home with old wiring. Rewiring a home is a big job, but the cost to rewire a house in BC is substantially less than the cost of repairs should there be a house fire. Several factors play into the cost of rewiring a home that should be broken down to understand what you might be paying for.


Square Footage of Your Home

Naturally, the size of the home is a major factor in the cost of rewiring the home. Not only is more material required to change the wiring in the home. But it also takes more time for the electrician to complete, or may require a larger team of electricians to finish the job.


Wiring Access

There are many methods electricians can use to rewire a house. An option that works well if an ongoing renovation is happening simultaneously, is to remove all the drywall so they have full access to the wiring. However, this method is invasive, expensive, and time-consuming, so best only done if the house is undergoing further renovation. The more common option for most rewiring is more cost-efficient and less invasive. This involves making strategic cuts to access the wires through the walls, ceiling, and floors.


Quality of New Materials

There are different levels of quality you can refurbish your home with, but they will all affect the overall cost to rewire a house in BC. To make the rewiring worth the effort you should try to replace the old material with the best quality you can afford so it lasts many additional years.


So what’s the actual cost to rewire a house in BC? This number can vary significantly due to the above-mentioned factors, but you’re generally looking between $15,000 and $40,000. The best way to get an accurate estimate of the cost to rewire your home is to get an electrician to inspect your home to provide you with an accurate quote on your job. If you’re interested in rewiring your home get in touch with the experts at AJ’s Electrical. We can provide you with a quote and complete the job for you so your home is up to modern standards and safe for your family.

Costs to Rewire a House | What Are You Paying For?


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