Types of Lighting Fixtures and Their Applications | Illuminating Your Space

Jan 5, 2024

In the art of filmmaking, lighting plays a direct role in how an audience responds emotionally to a scene. Soft lighting with warmer tones might evoke feelings of nostalgia, romance or comfort. Dark shadows and stark contrasts can evoke mystery, danger or uncertainty. 

While you’re not directing the next Avatar or Avengers movie anytime soon, it’s still important to take into consideration the power that lighting has when designing a room. 

Whether you’re designing a commercial, residential or hospitality space, you’re going to need to know the different kinds of lighting fixtures and their applications to ensure that it is the right light for the space. 

Types of Lighting Fixtures

Seven different types of lighting fixtures are commonly available. Each one offers a unique accent to your home or workspace. The types of lighting fixtures are:

  • Recessed Lighting
  • Track Lighting and Monorail
  • Linear LED
  • Chandeliers
  • Pendants
  • Sconces
  • Ceiling Lights

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is considered a type of down lighting. It is built into a ceiling and does not protrude or, at the most, barely protrude from the surface of the ceiling. This type of installation will not destroy or take away from the beauty of the ceiling. This easy-to-operate design can light large areas without drawing the eye up or occupying floor, table or wall space, leaving room for house decor. 

Track Lighting and Monorail

Track lighting and monorail are systems of electrified track and attachable lighting elements. They are composed of a track head, where the light bulb sits, and a track rod, which the track head attaches to. This approach to lighting offers the user the chance to accent and highlight elements as they choose fit. Track lighting offers a flexible approach to lighting as they are re-adjustable, re-aimable and replaceable. 

Linear LED

Linear LED lighting has quickly become the industry go-to for lighting hard-to-reach spaces. Linear lights are common in public areas such as offices, workshops, warehouses, garages etc. With the continuous development of linear architectural lighting and LED technology, it can appear in various forms regardless of embedding, surface mounting and lifting, therefore making it a versatile and flexible option. These lights can be used as low-profile strips installed directly into ceiling coves or cabinets for discreet accent or task lighting. They can also be installed into the ceiling or walls for eye-catching lines of light. In the world of linear lighting, the lifetime of LED lighting is usually a lot longer than fluorescent tubes, which makes LED lighting a more sustainable and better option. 


Suspended from the ceiling, chandeliers direct their light upwards, rather than downwards and are often used as a focal point in foyers and dining rooms. Chandeliers consist of many little light fixtures together. On top of enhancing the decorative style of a room, chandeliers also provide ambient lighting. Since they’re decorative, other lighting fixtures must be paired with the chandelier to ensure sufficient lighting in a room. 


Like a chandelier, pendant lights also hang from the ceiling on a long chain, rod or cord. However, pendants tend to be smaller, as these fixtures only have a single, central luminous element and are less formal than chandeliers. Multiple pendants are often hung side by side. Due to their smaller radius of light compared to a chandelier, these lights are usually used for task lighting and are decorative.


Providing light directed either upwards or downwards, sconces are surface-mounted to the wall. As a versatile light fixture, they can be used in nearly any space but are most commonly found in hallways, living rooms, dining rooms and bathrooms. Their covers or shades can add a stylistic touch to any room and can be used to provide ambient or task lighting. 

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights can be very helpful in providing ambient light in low-ceiling rooms. Since the light is on the ceiling, it emits light in the middle of the surface, shining light on a large surface area. Ceiling lights come in all different shapes, sizes and designs which makes it a staple in the world of home decoration lighting. You can choose to mount the light fixture directly to the ceiling, flush mount, or have them slightly hanging from the surface, semi-flush.

Best Lighting Fixtures for your Space

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