Top 5 Home Generator Myths

Aug 19, 2022

Home generator myths are one of the top reasons stopping an individual from potentially investing in one. We have often heard these misconceptions of home generators through concerns and questions from clients. It’s true that you can’t believe everything you hear, especially when it comes to home generators. Thankfully we are here to help keep you and your families safe and informed. So here we are the top home generator myths we hear about:

  1. They Are Loud
  2. They Can Get Wet
  3. They Only Use gas To Operate
  4. Anyone Can Install Them
  5. They Increase Electricity Bill


1. They Are Loud

Generators are usually known to be loud and noisy but due to modern improvements this myths has changed. New generators are not as loud as you may have once remembered. If you are using a diesel generator, the sound is even better to the point there is not much to complain about. Additionally there are “low noise generators”, which are perfect for camping while you are sleeping or during a power outage.


2. They Can Get Wet

The simple answer is No, they can’t get wet. A generator is not supposed to be used in regards to water, this is because of the fact that they create electricity. Home generator’s are more vulnerable to water because its purpose is to create electricity and send that electricity to outlets. Do not use a home generator in wet or snowy conditions without a cover. If you do water and moisture will eventually get into the outlets and lead to a potentially dangerous situation. Covers are used to protect generators from this type of danger.


3. They Only Use Gas To Operate

Fortunately, gas generators are not your only home generator option. Other options are Gasoline, Diesel, Natural Gas, and Propane. There are many options for different situations depending on how long you are looking to run the generator and where. Gasoline usually only provides assistance for short periods of time. Most people will opt for a propane generator when gasoline is not an option. Permanent propane generators are most convenient with much less hassle than other options.Propane will not deteriorate while stored in the tank. Additionally if the tank properly matches the size of the home, the generator can provide fuel for days.


4. Anyone Can Install Them

Under no circumstances, NO. Installing a home generator requires hazardous electrical work and should only be done by licensed electricians. Many of the generators not installed by a licensed electrician may face warranty issues and stop you from using it. If you are thinking about installing a generator, call us at AJ’s Electrical. Our licensed electricians will know which regulations are best suited for your home.


5. They Increase Electricity Bills 

It is merely impossible for generators to raise your electrical bills. These electrical bills come from your utility company, but when the power goes off and the generator goes on. You are not actually using both sources of power at once. Generators do not run on electricity, instead they create the electricity. They run on gasoline, diesel, natural gas or propane. Home generators would increase your natural gas costs, but not your electricity bill.


If we have cleared up any home generator myths and you are ready to reconsider installing a home generator. Contact the licensed electricians at AJ’s Electrical for your home generator needs. We’ve got you covered.

Home Generator Myths


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