Thinking of Installing a Ceiling Fan? Read this First

Jun 27, 2018

Ceiling Fan Installations Surrey, Delta, Vancouver, Richmond & Burnaby

Ceiling fans are not only an incredibly functional addition to any space, but they can also add a level of elegance by complementing the design of the room. You might have decided that you want to add a ceiling fan to a room in your home, and you might be considering installing the fan yourself. While this is indeed an option for those with the proper skills, it would be much simpler and safer to contact a professional ceiling fan installer.

Electrical work has many potential pitfalls that could deter a novice from adequately completing the job, and improper electrical work can be quite dangerous. Installing a ceiling fan is more complicated than wiring a standard electrical outlet or switch because of the size and shape of the fixture itself. The precarious location on the ceiling doesn’t make the process any easier.

Once you’ve ensured the power is cut to the existing fan, if there is one, you’ll have to remove the existing fixture to reveal the electrical box. If there is no existing fan, you’ll have to find the proper placement for the fan and install a new electrical box, which can include the need to run new electrical wiring. You would almost certainly need the help of professional electrical experts like those from AJ’s Electrical Service and Repair.

After you’ve ensured the electrical box you’re going to use for the fan is installed and compatible with the fan fixture itself, you can attach the downrod to the rest of the ceiling fan, then install any mounting hardware specific to the fixture. Connect the electrical box wiring with the fan wiring before fully mounting the fan fixture. This is just a rough description of the process. For instance, you might have to deal with specialized wiring that deals with separate functionality for the lights and fan itself. When dealing with electrical components of any sort, the best problem you could hope for is that nothing happens when you try to operate an improperly installed device. More severe scenarios include personal injury, electrical fire, and damage to the fixture or wiring.

When you go with AJ’s Electrical Service and Repair, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with real experience and excellent knowledge. You’ll also have no trouble staying inside your budget. Call (604)359-1992 to speak with a representative about your electrical installation needs today.

Installing a Ceiling Fan


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