The top 4 benefits of an electrical inspection before selling

Dec 19, 2022

If you want your home to really stand out, buyers will appreciate you booking an electrical inspection prior to listing. When you’re on the market to sell your house, you’re likely checking off a long to-do list to make sure your house stands out against competitors. You’ve finished your basement. Applied a fresh coat of ivory paint to that turquoise room—who picked that anyway? And staged your furniture to give the Architectural Digest homes a run for their money. But even after all that, there’s one thing we often neglect to consider: the state of our home’s electrical system. 


The Top 4 Benefits Of An Electrical Inspection Before Selling

  1. Ensure your home is at modern code
  2. Prevent rocky relationships with potential buyers
  3. Stand out against other homes
  4. Allow a seamless selling process


Ensure your home’s electrical inspection is at modern code

Ensuring your home is at modern code is extremely important in this day and age. Potential buyers will want to know that they will be able to charge their electrical vehicles, use their hot tub, and work from home without the fear of running out of electricity. If your home is unable to withstand modern technology’s demands, you will rule out many potential buyers whose lifestyles have embraced this change. 


Prevent rocky relationships with potential buyers

Once your house is listed, it can be hard to find the right buyer. From lowball offers to high concessions, the perfect offer takes time. So once you find the right buyer with the perfect asking price, you’ll care about your relationship with them. 

Failure to schedule a home inspection could result in a tumultuous relationship with an ideal buyer. While you may have your fingers crossed that there are no major issues, this isn’t something you want to risk. If you made any modifications to the home’s original wiring, mistakes might have been made. Since this was your doing, you should handle the problem instead of passing it to the new homeowner. 


Stand out against other homes

We don’t have to tell you that the home buying and selling process is hectic. That’s why scheduling an electrical inspection is so important: it makes the process that much simpler. Let’s say a homeowner is deciding between your home and another down the block. Each home ticks all of their boxes, but there’s one difference. Yours had an electrical inspection that came back all clear. The other sellers say that they haven’t had one, but they think everything should be alright! Hmm…

The option is clear. Your house has a leg up on the competition! 


Electrical Inspection allows a seamless selling process 

If you choose to forgo an electrical inspection, there is a high chance that a potential buyer will conduct their own as part of the home inspection. If an electrical issue is found by the inspection they bring on, the sale might fall through. As a result, you’ll lose a lot of time and money figuring out the problem, all while your house is already on the market. 


Selling is stressful. Don’t make it harder for yourself!

Booking an electrical inspection with an expert is a fantastic way to make your home selling process easier. A qualified electrician will be able to investigate your current electrical system, determine any issues, and prevent any future selling roadblocks.

AJs Electrical has provided countless electrical inspections for our community. If you’re wanting to schedule your own prior to selling your home, reach out to our team of qualified electricians today. Contact us!

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