Tech Trends: USB Outlet

Jul 4, 2018

A USB outlet, also known as a charging station or USB hub, is similar to a wall outlet. The difference is that it has USB ports for charging your smart devices and laptops all in one place without extra adapters or wiring. Some USB outlets are combined with standard duplex wall outlets.

Advantages of USB Outlet

A USB outlet can be placed directly on a wall above a countertop, desk, or even in a mudroom where you might walk into your home and drop your keys, coat, and Smartphone. It is also possible to place a USB charging station inside a cabinet to conceal it and your technology.

As mentioned above, a USB outlet allows you to plug your device directly into the USB slots in the wall without the need for an adapter. Adapters tend to take up much- needed outlet space around your home. If you have ever accidentally left your adapter at the office, on the train, or at your favourite coffee shop, you know that it can get expensive replacing these.

Another advantage is that you have the opportunity to charge all of your devices in one place so that you are not cluttering tables and countertops with multiple devices. It is fairly simple to have an electrician install a multi-slot USB charging station in one area.

What to Consider When Purchasing and Installing USB Outlets

If you are thinking about installing a USB outlet you have two options, both of which require the help of a licensed electrician. You can simply switch out one or two of your standard AC duplex wall outlets with outlets that also have two USB slots. The receptacle box might need to be changed as well if you live in an older home with narrower boxes.

If you are looking to have a central or hidden USB charging hub using wall outlets, consider having your electrician install a larger USB outlet with multiple slots and slightly more power than what a standard wall outlet provides. Just be sure there is enough space near the outlet to fit everything you want to charge. The larger outlets would require more wall space, a new larger receptacle box, and possibly pulling a new wire.

Seek the Help of a Professional

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Setting Up USB Outlet


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