Spring Cleaning Tips That Will Cut Your Electricity Bill

Feb 1, 2019

The invigorating growth of spring has traditionally inspired people to clean their homes. Spring gives you an opportunity to assess the state of your home and look for ways that spring cleaning can lower the electricity bill. Follow these spring cleaning tips and sweep away wasteful energy use.

Clean and Adjust Ceiling Fans

While dusting ceiling fan blades, you can switch them into warm weather mode. Most fans have a switch that changes the direction of blade rotation. In winter, you want fans to push warm air down. In summer, you want the blades to pull cooler air up. If you discover a problem with a fan or want a new one, then an electrician in North Vancouver can repair or install a fan.

Clean the Refrigerator Condenser Coil

When dust collects on a refrigerator’s condenser coil, it impedes the appliance’s ability to function. Removing dirt will reduce strain on the appliance and lower electricity use.

Replace Old Appliances

An investment in a new energy-efficient refrigerator or dishwasher will produce noticeable power savings. A consultation with an electrician in Burnaby will help you understand appliance energy ratings.

Clean Light Fixtures

Wiping dirt off of fixtures and bulbs restores brightness, and you might not need to turn on as many lights. You could also consider updating fixtures to super-efficient LED lighting. Electrical contractors throughout Vancouver routinely provide this service to homeowners.

Clean Windows

As grime builds up on windows, the light that comes through gradually declines. Cleaner windows will brighten your home and potentially reduce the use of lighting. While cleaning, evaluate the seals around your windows and repair damage that is causing drafts. Your heating and cooling system won’t have to work as hard when you fix leaks around windows and doors.

Inspect Electrical Items

While you’re catching dust bunnies in your home’s nooks and crannies, perform a safety inspection of cords and outlets. Check for frayed cords and make sure that cords are completely inserted into outlets. If you spot an outlet near a sink that is outdated, you can contact an electrician in Coquitlam to install a proper GFCI outlet.

Any electrical problems that you discover while spring cleaning can be addressed by an electrician serving Vancouver from AJ’s Electrical Service & Repair.


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