Should you hire an electrician to install your bathroom exhaust fan?

Oct 25, 2021

Having an efficiently working bathroom fan is essential for any home. By installing a bathroom exhaust fan, you can say goodbye to foggy mirrors, excess moisture, and smelly odors for good. Plus, most importantly, the bathroom exhaust fans and its excellent duty of removing moisture protects your bathroom from mold and mildew.

If you are considering installing a bathroom exhaust fan in BC, you may wonder if it could be a DIY weekend project. The truth is when working with electrical connections and venting it is important to always hire a professional who knows the ins and outs of electrical installations. Here is why…


Proper Venting 

If your bathroom exhaust fan is not properly and safely vented to the outdoors, there is a risk of sending fumes and moisture to other areas of your home. This can result in mold, mildew, and low air quality, which is a risk to yourself, your family, and your property. To avoid risking damage to your home, contact a professional electrician to guarantee correct ventilation. 



When installing a new bathroom exhaust fan, it is necessary to know the correct placement for installation. Plenty of exhaust and ventilation fans have heaters or lights, therefore they will need to be wired to switches for manual control. It is also important to note that exhaust fans need venting to the outdoors. Unless you have electrical experience with wiring, it is easy to damage current wiring or have an issue arise when attempting an installation. When hiring an electrician, you can guarantee correct placement and installation. 


Qualification and Experience 

When working with electrical wiring and venting, it is important to have a qualified and experienced electrician to complete the job. Electrical work is not the DIY project you want to try and save money with as there is a possibility of danger and difficulties when attempting an installation. Plus, the repercussions of improper installation could be more costly than hiring an installer.

When installing a bathroom exhaust fan in BC, we highly recommend hiring an installer, unless you are a professional who has worked closely with electrical equipment in the past. Hiring a qualified electrician will ensure that electrical connections and the venting adjustments done are correct. Since 2003, our team of experts at AJ’s Electrical Service & Repair have been assisting customers throughout the Lower Mainland with their electrical needs. Contact us today to replace your bathroom fans!


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