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AJ’s Electrical Service & Repair

Lighting Your Way

Serving Greater Vancouver and the surrounding areas since 2003, offering Residential & Commercial Electrical services.

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Power Strips can be extremely hazardous if overloaded. Keep your power strips loaded as per the manufacturers' recommendations. If used carelessly power strips are a major cause of electrical accidents and household fires.

A wavering TV or computer screen when an appliance such as the stove is turned on could indicate that you have too many appliances plugged into one circuit, or that your home needs added electrical capacity.  Call AJ's Electrical Contractors today to talk to a Qualified Electrician.

Install smoke detectors your home, in the garage, and in stairwells and hallways, and from time to time check to make sure they are working correctly. A good rule of thumb is to carrying out a whole-house check twice a year, on the same day you change all the clocks to "Spring Forward" and "Fall Back" for Daylight Savings Time. Another option is to have your smoke detectors hard wired by a qualified electrician at AJ's Electrical Contractors.