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How professional landscaping lighting installation improve’s your home

Did you know that there are many benefits of getting an electrician to do your landscape lighting? The number one reason will always be your homes safety and security. They are also able to advise on best layout. So with the right layout you can add great ambiance and curb appeal to your home.


LED or incandescent lighting?

LED lights cost 3x -5x more money up front but they are much more energy efficient. This saves you money on your electricity bill in the long term. You’ll change an incandescent bulb 20 times before you’ll need to replace 1 LED bulb. Check out the LED saving calculator from Philips.


Landscape Lighting Installation


The bottom line

Spend more money upfront on an LED bulb, and pay less in the long run. We also supply timers for landscape lighting! You can schedule when to turn on or off and not worry, and save on your electricity bill!


How far away from the home will the landscape lighting need to be?

The lights don’t need to be more than several feet away from your home. If you need a larger area illuminated, you’ll need bulbs with high lumens. For example these larger areas could be a backyard or driveway and require a widespread light instead. A small area like a porch will only need lower lumens. 


Motion Sensor Landscape Lighting

You may be surprised how Motion sensor lighting can improve your yard and add great security. Motion sensor ensures that your lights don’t keep running continuously. This saves money on hydro bills, and prolongs your bulb. If an intruder sets off the motion sensor, they can spook them away.


Contact AJ’s Electrical for everything landscape lighting and installation. We do all the landscape lighting design, trench digging, installation, and provide all the material for the job. We advise you on the safest and most cost-efficient solutions for your yards landscape lighting.

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Needed an electrician to help me replace a thermostat and give me a quote on installing pot lights in two rooms, as the light switches are not connected to anything. The service was great and he discovered be could fix one of my rooms to have the light switch connected to an existing outlet which was included in the hour of work I paid for. Good service, arrived on time, provided advice and was friendly and prompt. Would recommend.

– Tara


AJs has done electrical work for us a few times — installing light fixtures and sorting out wiring problems. Today Jason changed the puck lights in our kitchen from halogen to LED. Skilled and efficient. Always professional and cost-conscious.

– Gladys


This was the best experience with any trades company I have dealt with. Very good value, free estimate and work done professionally and efficiently. I recommend this company to everyone.

– Jansen B.


I was very impressed with the work AJ Electrical did for me. I really like their estimation services and hour the estimates include the estimated number of man-hours for your job. The work itself was highly efficient and professional. Their staff are also a pleasure to deal with (Darrian, Josh, and Kyle). I would highly recommend AJ Electrical and I will use them again in the future for future electrical jobs in my house.

– Keith T.


Dealing with AJs was a great experience.  From the moment of calling them about needing someone to install a 240V socket and talking to Darian.  Darian was most helpful and explained everything and even managed to get our service done sooner then the 3 weeks it was originally scheduled for.  Kyle the electrician was on time, professional and did the work quickly. Would recommend AJs to anyone needing Electrical work. Their price was reasonable, they were prompt and did the work well.

– Jim H.


Thanks for AJ’s Electrical Contractors. How professional and efficient the electrician did the installations. Thanks for Kyle. He was courteous and solved all my questions in a professional manner. It’s a perfect experience. ?? I will recommend AJ’s Electrical Contractors to all my friends. Because l had amazing service from this company. ??????

– Xuan W.


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