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A bathroom fan installation is crucial when preventing mold growth, eliminating odours, and keeping your bathroom in its cleanest shape. The experts at AJ’s Electrical have decades of experience replacing and installing bathroom fans and exhaust fans with minimal to no damage to your space at all.


Bathroom Fan Installation Services

  • Removing existing bathroom fans and replacing them with a new, quiet fan, with minimal to zero impact on your home
  • Supplying and installing premium bathroom fan
  • Providing free estimates for complete bathroom fan installations (where no fan currently exists)


Install Or Replace Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Your exhaust fan works hard to remove moisture, chemicals and dust from bathrooms, kitchens, attics and work areas. Many Greater Vancouver home and business owners prefer AJ’s Electrical for inspection, repairs and installation of all ventilation fans. Proper ventilation reduces energy costs and moisture build-up throughout your home. Accumulation of moisture leads to a number of costly problems such as damaged drywall and insulation, roof rot and mold. They are costly to repair.


Signs your bathroom fan need to be replaced

  • No power whatsoever to the exhaust fan
  • Noisy exhaust vents
  • A trip or short in the circuit
  • Air isn’t being exhausted efficiently or properly
  • Extreme temperatures in your bathroom
  • Dirty or dusty bathroom fan


Why Do I Need A Bathroom Fan Installation?

An openable window in your bathroom is not a substitute for a dedicated bathroom fan. In the old days, windows used to be adequate, but as per today’s building code, bathroom fan installation is required in each bathroom.

Every bathroom or toilet area should have an exhaust fan. Not only will it ventilate smelly air (allowing fresh air to enter the bathroom) it also exhausts the humid air that builds up after showers or baths, allowing dryer air to enter the bathroom. Without the smooth flow of proper ventilation provided by an efficient exhaust fan, problems will arise over time. These problems are unsightly, smelly, unhealthy and potentially costly. They include:

  • Condensation or staining on walls or ceilings
  • Visible mold damage and staining on walls, floor and ceiling
  • Mold between ceramic tiles
  • Damage and loosening of floor and ceramic wall tiles
  • Damaged drywall
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper
  • Rotting window sills
  • Musty smells

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How Do You Correctly Size Your Bathroom Fan For Proper Exhaust?

We recommend at least 1 CFM per square foot of room area. The most common size for bathroom fans we install is 110 CFM.


Bathroom Fans With Timers

We recommend that bathroom fan timers be installed to ensure your bathroom is getting a sufficient amount of ventilation. This is also great for kids for automated shut off after set time.


How Does A Bathroom Fan Timer Work

A bathroom fan timer allows the fan to run for a certain amount of time before automatically shutting off. Many people will turn the fan off as they exit the bathroom after taking a shower, which likely is not allowing the fan to ventilate the space adequately.


How Long Should A Bathroom Fan Stay On?

A bathroom fan should run for at least 20 minutes after the shower has been used in order to allow for proper ventilation.


Benefits Of Using A Bathroom Fan

Benefits of using bathroom fans include:

  • Eliminating odours
  • Preventing mould and mildew growth
  • Allow for proper ventilation

We Supply And Install Premium Bathroom Fans

The expert technicians at AJ’s Electrical are likely able to install any bathroom fan you have purchased. If there is not already a fan purchased, we choose to install a Panasonic WhisperFan.


Why Get A Professional Bathroom Fan Installation From AJ’s Electrical

The experts at AJ’s Electrical have over 60 years installing bathroom fans, and all other household electrical work, all over the lower mainland. With AJ’s Electrical, you can expect:

  • >On-time appointments
  • Options within you specified budget
  • Clear communication every step of the way


Bathroom Fan Installation FAQs

1. How Often Should You Replace A Bathroom Fan

When bathroom fans are well maintained, they can last about ten years. You should have your bathroom fan inspected if you notice any of the following:

  • When a fan makes a different sound than normal when turning on or off
  • Your fan is consistently louder
  • Your bathroom is staying wetter for longer

AJ’s Electrical blog: When should you replace your bathroom exhaust fan 


2. What Do You Do If Your Bathroom Has No Exhaust Fan

It is strongly recommended to have a bathroom fan installed if you do not currently have one. However, here are some precautions to take in the meantime:

  • Ensure a window is open for at least 15 minute after a shower has been taken
  • Use a portable fan in place of an exhaust fan
  • Use a towel to wipe down any wetness or condensation


3. What Trades Install Bathroom Fans

You should always contact a licensed electrician or HVAC professional to install your bathroom fan.

Bathroom Fan Installation Service | AJ's Electrical


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