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As one of the leading authorities in electrical services, we understand the significance of safe and reliable aluminum wiring installation. Here are some common issues we have aluminum wiring. We like to address its advantages, potential concerns, and offering expert solutions to ensure your family’s safety.


Is Aluminum wiring safe?

Aluminum wiring is not safe. Between 1972 and 1975 aluminum wiring was the cheap substitute for copper wiring. Aluminum wiring will cause electrical fires because of the oxidation and poor connection caused by this type of wiring.



When oxidize (rust) forms on aluminum, it increases the wire’s resistance and impedes the flow of electricity. Copper wiring rusts a green stain from oxidation. When the white oxide on aluminum wiring forms, it interferes with the flow of electricity, and causes overheating.



Aluminum is a much softer metal than copper. It can easily nicked or cut. The damaged aluminum wire creates local hot spots.


High Thermal Expansion

Aluminum has a tendency to change shape at the terminal screws and thus become loose or creep off.  There are 6 danger signs of aluminum wiring that may have connection problems:

  • Sparks coming from receptacles or switches
  • Warm or warped outlets and switch cover plates
  • Strange odours in the area of receptacles and switches
  • Light bulbs that burn out quickly
  • Lights that flicker
  • Circuit breakers that trip for no reason


Is It Easy To Replace Aluminum Wiring?

Replacing aluminum wiring can be a very difficult and time consuming job for a couple of reason. 1. In order to replace aluminum wiring, all wiring throughout your home must be removed and replaced. 2.Removing all the wiring means a lot of damage to walls and can end up costing a lot to repair.

Aluminum wiring is not safe for a do-it-yourselfer. Hire only a licensed electrician who works on circuits with aluminum wiring. The safest solution to the problems and hazards associated with aluminum wiring: replace it with copper wiring, or as an alternative, add copper tailing– and allow experienced, licensed electricians to do the job.


Cost of Replacing Aluminum Wiring

Replacing a single aluminum outlet can range from $300-$500. For an entire house, the cost will be as much as $10,000+. It is common to instead opt for repair instead of overall replacement of aluminum wiring. It is important that this is considered as a temporary fix and not a permanent solution to a problem. After a prolonged period of time, aluminum wiring loses its shape and fails to seal completely, which can cause the temperature to increase along with the likelihood of an electrical fire. While repairing can be a quick solution in a pinch, for full peace of mind, it is recommended to have all aluminum wiring replaced.

It’s also important to note that insurance companies do not like aluminum wiring and classify it as a high risk. We install the proper CSA approved wire connectors and copper tails to reduce the risk level.


Find the Right Professionals for Aluminum Wiring Replacement

Since 2003, the experts at AJ’s Electrical have been repairing homes and assisting customers all over the lower mainland. Our technicians are dedicated to providing efficient and dependable service with jobs big or small. AJ’s Electrical reliable 22 point home inspection is performed thoroughly and carefully to provide you and your family total peace of mind. AJ’s Electrical Service & Repair specialists offer you the knowledge to make the right choices, always providing the best options while meeting your budget for all your residential and commercial electrical needs.

Aluminum Wiring- not safe

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