Is an electric vehicle cheaper to run versus a gas powered vehicle?

Jul 25, 2022

Gas prices are the talk of the town these days. The question of “is an electric vehicle cheaper than a gas powered vehicle” continues to be a big topic. But is it really that much more cost effective? Continue reading to discover if the cost to operate an electrical vehicle is cheaper compared to a gas powered car.


Are The Fixed Cost Of An Electric Vehicle Cheaper

Electric vehicles are expensive to purchase, but the price is expected to drop in the coming years with new innovation. When purchasing an electric vehicle, some big factors are charging costs, insurance, and the vehicle’s lifespan. Typically an electric vehicle has lower maintenance costs and a longer overall lifespan. All of this contributes to an electrical vehicle’s fixed cost being half the price compared to their gas powered equivalent.


Home Chargers For Electric Vehicles

A home charger is almost always necessary when owning an electrical vehicle. Expect your electrical bill to rise because it is now substituting the gas you buy for daily travel. Electricity costs vary depending on where you live, but in the long run you can guarantee you will save money.

Electric Vehicle Cheaper


Fuel Factors

Let’s dive deep into the overall elements that factor in the cost of fuel. Many factors that affect the price of gas are as follows:

  • Type of engine
  •  Size of the vehicle
  • Fuel economy per vehicle

Prices at the pump will rise and fall due to political and global factors, such as war between countries. The law of supply and demand will consistently provide minor fluctuation between gas pump stations.


How Much Is An Electric Vehicle Cheaper?

On average a Canadian will spend around $1,600 a year on gas versus $350 to power an electric vehicle. There is a hefty cost premium when installing your own home charger for your electric vehicle. Home charging stations might be a daunting cost but the convenience and efficiency they provide are well worth it. Last but not least there are thousands of public electrical charger stations across Canada; and more are being installed everyday!


Electric Vehicle Benefits

You can expect saving money across the lifespan of your electrical vehicle compared its gas powered equivalent. However, this isn’t the only advantage. Electric vehicles are better for the environment due to sparring the climate of thousands of pounds of pollution. This benefits our air quality, public health, and overall global care of the Ozone layer.


If you have changed your mind about purchasing an electrical vehicle, we can install a home charging station for you. Contact us at AJ’s Electrical and we will be happy to answer all of your electric vehicle questions.


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