How to Upgrade the Electrical in Your Home to Increase Resale Value

Jul 16, 2019

Upgrading the electrical systems in your home is one of the best ways to significantly increase resale value. While this might seem like a large investment initially, the truth is that it can save you headaches and haggling down the road.

Electricians in Vancouver will tell you that you don’t have to fix every little thing. There are some small fixes that can be left for the buyers to take on if they wish. However, the following overhauls could dramatically increase the value of your property.

1. Upgraded Outlets

We live in an age where everything needs to be plugged in. This means that your home needs plenty of safe, updated wall outlets. It also means that they need to be conveniently placed. If your home is older, it likely doesn’t have many conveniently located outlets, and this can be a huge drawback.

Buyers will likely be turned off by a home that will be a hassle every time they want to plug something in. Consult with an electrician in Burnaby to map out whether or not your home needs more outlets.

2. Proper Wiring

Your home should be wired for 200 amps in order to feed sufficient power for appliances and gadgets. Older houses are traditionally wired for only 60 amps, and any electrician in North Vancouver will tell you that this can cause serious frustration and usage problems.

Additionally, you should make sure that all of the outlets are grounded and that all of the wiring is sturdy copper.

3. A New Electrical Panel

This is something that’s easy for you to overlook, but you can be certain potential buyers won’t. When you schedule a visit from an electrical contractor in Vancouver, be sure to ask about whether or not your circuit breaker panel needs replacing.

An outdated circuit breaker box is sufficient reason for agents to drag their feet on a home sale or ask for a significant price reduction. It also makes insuring the home more difficult and costly, so it’s an investment that will save you from trouble in the long run.

Upgrading Your Home Pays Big Dividends

When you’re selling your home, time is money. Today’s market is competitive, and it can be hard to get a great price for your house. Investing in these electrical upgrades could help ensure that you get a price that’s in line with what your property is worth.



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