How to Replace a Ceiling Fan

Jul 25, 2019

Upgrading or replacing the ceiling fans in your home is a straightforward process that you can usually do on your own. However, electricians in Vancouver see mistakes happen all the time, so this post will outline the necessary steps in order to keep you from making the same errors.

  1. Turn off the power.

Electricians in Burnaby and elsewhere will always tell you this is the most important step. The wall switch for the fan should be flipped off, but you must also turn off the breaker switch for that room to prevent accidents.

  1. Remove the old fan’s canopy.

The base that’s attached to the ceiling is called a canopy, and you’ll need to unfasten it and pull it down to get to the old fan’s ceiling bracket and wiring.

  1. Disconnect the wiring.

Do this part carefully as this is where mistakes often happen. The old wires should be connected with a wing nut that can be turned counter-clockwise to remove. This is where the fan’s wires are connected to the home electrical system. Carefully pull these wires apart.

  1. Loosen the fan from the hanging ceiling bracket.

Once you have separated the wires, loosen the screws or bolts that secure the fan to the ceiling bracket. We recommend having an assistant for this part. You should keep one hand on the unit so that it doesn’t fall and have someone on the ground to help you lower the fan once it’s no longer connected to the ceiling.

  1. Inspect the electrical box.

Before installing the new fan, examine the electrical box in the ceiling. It should clearly state that it’s intended for use with ceiling fans. If it doesn’t say that, you need to install a new one before you put in the new fan. Electricians get plenty of calls about ceiling fans falling and ruining the wiring because the electrical box couldn’t support the weight and motion of the fan.

  1. Install the new fan.

Your new fan will have detailed instructions from the manufacturer regarding proper wiring and installation, so you should follow those directions closely. Be sure to connect each wire carefully, and double-check them before securing the fan to the ceiling.

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