How to find a good residential electrician near me

Apr 12, 2021

“How do I find a residential electrician near me?” – this is something people can struggle with, especially if they don’t have someone they already trust. It’s important to find good residential electricians that you can trust to take care of the electrical systems in your home. When searching for a good residential electrician you need to find someone that has the skills required to do your job right, and you need to find someone that you can trust in your home. Here are some key things to check before hiring a residential electrician.

Get Referrals

Talking to your friends and family is the best way to find an electrician you can trust. Your friends and family will always be straight with you and can tell you the good or bad experiences they’ve had hiring electricians in the past. Make sure you ask about the quality of the work that was done, how quickly they were able to do the job, and whether or not they found the rate fair. If it sounds like the residential electrician did a good job ask for the company and get their contact information. 

Check Out Reviews

The other great way to get reliable information about a company is to check their reviews. Reviews can be found in multiple locations. Make sure to check a few different sources for online reviews. This can include Google My Business and the Better Business Bureau, as well as any testimonials on the company website. Make sure you take note of any recurring problems or particular strengths of the company while you’re going through the reviews, this will likely help you determine the best fit for your particular project.

Get a Quote

Call a few companies and ask them about what kind of work they do and get a quote on your job. The prices for residential electrical work should be fairly similar among different companies, so if you see one that’s particularly askew it’s probably a red flag. While you’re talking to them you can get a feel for how easy they are to deal with and if you’d like to work with them or not.

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