How to Decide on the Best Lighting for your Home in Vancouver

Nov 8, 2021

Lighting in your home may not be the first thing that is noticed, however, it sets the tone and mood for each room in your home. Between bright lights, LED lights, dim lights, wall lights, ceiling lights and different hanging lights, there are many decisions to be made in the lighting department. When you are deciding on lighting options for your space, it’s important to consider the characteristics of the room where the lights will be featured. For example, when lighting an office space, you will want to ensure that the lights are bright and functional to keep your space-efficient. On the other hand, when lighting a dining room, you may prefer a stylish chandelier with dimmer switches to enhance the space. So how do you decide on the best lighting for your home in Vancouver

When choosing your lighting, it is first important to be knowledgeable of the three primary options available. These options include ambient lighting, accent lighting and task lighting. It is common to use more than one option in your space, but the size and style of your room will help you determine which is necessary. 


Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is the basic lighting source needed in every room. The main light in your room, which is likely on your ceiling, is considered ambient lighting. When choosing ambient lighting options, you may consider a chandelier, ceiling fan light, or a mount ceiling fixture. 


Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is a fun and functional way to decorate your home with your unique style. Not only does an accent light add a sense of style to your room, but it is a secondary light source that can assist in brightening areas that ambient lighting only gently touches. Typically drawing light to a specific area, accent lighting may hang over a painting or fireplace as a sconce or a decorative chandelier.


Task Lighting

When providing light for specific needs and activities such as a makeup mirror or office desk, task lighting is an appropriate option. Task lighting is used to brighten small and specific areas of a room, where general lighting would not suffice. Examples of task lighting may include a light above your bathtub, under kitchen cabinets or next to your bed for reading.

Now that you are aware of the main different lighting options, you can decide which lights are best for each of the rooms in your home. Have fun with your lighting and put your HGTV skills to the test while deciding on your brand-new fixtures. 

It is also important to have a professional and knowledgeable electrician assist in installing new light fixtures to keep your home in pristine condition, so you can have the best lighting for your Vancouver home. When setting up new light fixtures, wiring can be tricky, complex and even dangerous. Therefore it is important to have an experienced Vancouver electrician complete the job. Since 2003, our team of experts at AJ’s Electrical Service & Repair have been assisting customers throughout the Lower Mainland with their electrical needs. Contact us today to replace your light fixtures!


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