How to Cut Down on Electricity Usage During the Winter Months

Dec 22, 2018

Between holiday decorations and keeping your house warm, it’s all too easy to run up a high electricity bill during the winter months. Electricians in North Vancouver are frequently asked by clients how to cut back on electricity usage, so here we share a few money-saving tips.

  1. Consider Smart Home Tech

This isn’t feasible for everyone, but installing a smart home system can save you quite a bit of money throughout the year. These systems are designed to optimize your thermostat settings as they learn your temperature preferences. They can also obtain information such as how long it takes to heat your house and whether or not it gets drafty in colder months in order to heat your home more efficiently.

Smart home systems can also control lights and appliances. Some will even allow you to dim lights to save electricity.

Typically, electrical contractors in Vancouver can help you with any installation questions you might have.

  1. Upgrade Your Appliances

While this might seem like an expensive way to save electricity, getting rid of old or outdated appliances can save you significant amounts of money in the long run. Even appliances that were manufactured 10-15 years ago can use up to twice as much energy as newer, more efficient models.

This extends to your water heater as well. Utility companies estimate that water heating accounts for about 11 percent of your electricity bill, so an old or inefficient water heater can drastically increase how much electricity you’re using. Many experts say that switching to a tankless model is the best way to save money and energy because you’re only heating the water you immediately need.

If you have questions about how to choose energy-efficient appliances, you can call an electrician in Coquitlam.

  1. Manage Your Thermostat

Even if you don’t spring for a smart home system, you can still cut down electricity usage by paying attention to your thermostat. Instead of turning up the heat, keep the temperature set no higher than 20 degrees Celsius during the day.

When you’re asleep or away, turn the temperature down as low as 12 degrees Celsius to reduce energy usage even further.

Winter Doesn’t Have to Mean High Energy Bills

In addition to the tips mentioned above, you can also limit electricity usage by keeping your furnace in good working order and fixing drafts in your home.

To find out the best ways to cut down on electricity usage in your home, schedule an inspection by an electrician at AJ’s Electrical in Burnaby or North Vancouver this season.


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