How Much Does It Cost To Charge An Electric Car In BC?

Mar 14, 2022

As gas prices continue to hit new highs in B.C., vehicle owners may consider switching to an electrical vehicle due to their charging cost, efficiency, convenience and lower emission rate. However, how much does it really cost to charge an electric car in B.C.? Continue reading to find out.


Types of Chargers

First of all, when owning an electric car, it is crucial to have a home charger. There are a few different types of home chargers, including Level 1 chargers and Level 2 chargers. A Level 1 charger uses a 120-volt home plug, which is the basic plug you would use for any appliance. This is the easiest option as it does not require installation, however it is a considerably slower option when charging. In comparison, a Level 2 charger is a 240-volt charger which uses a larger outlet. Which would also be used for a heavier appliance such as an oven or cooktop. A Level 2 charger is guaranteed to provide a time efficient charge. It can charge your car 5-7x faster than a Level 1.


Costs To Charge An Electric Car

Level 1 charger is usually between $300-600, however depending on parts, it could add up to $1000 in additional costs. A level 2 charger hovers between $500-700, with parts and labour adding upwards of an additional $2000. With that being said, these are one time costs for the initial cost and/or installation. If you are looking for assistance with your charging unit installation, an electrician can successfully complete the job for you. 


Why Charge An Electric Car

The cost of charging your electrical vehicle is truly dependent on how much you drive.Whether you have a long commute to work, are taking many road trips, or tend to stay local. These factors are what determine your vehicle’s true cost. For cost reference, driving approximately 40,000 km in an electrical vehicle will cost you approximately $800-1000 per year in electricity.  If you are interested in knowing exactly how much you spend on your vehicle’s electricity. You may consider having a sub-meter installed. This will break down the amount of electricity used for charging, rather than the total cost of your home’s electricity


Public Charging Stations

When visiting a charging station in Vancouver, how much is it going to cost? Vancouver currently has over 450 public charging station ports, with 89% of these being level 2. Over 200 of these stations are free as they are owned by businesses, malls or hotels. However, many stations that are owned directly by the city charge approximately $2 per hour, which helps ensure that citizens only take up the necessary amount of time at the charging station. There are also 50+ Level 3 chargers within the city that take much less time, however cost around $15-20 per charge. 

If you are interested in installing an electrical vehicle charging station in your home, contact us and we at AJ’s Electrical are here to help! Since 2003, our team of experts at AJ’s Electrical Service & Repair have been assisting customers throughout the Lower Mainland with their electrical needs.

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