Holiday Electricity Safety Tips

Dec 20, 2018

Nothing ushers in the holidays quite like a home and yard full of beautiful decorations. However, it’s important to handle your decorations responsibly so that you and your family stay safe this season.

5 Electrical Safety Tips from Electrical Contractors

  1. Check Your Decorations
  2. Use Power Strips Wisely
  3. Water Your Tree Often
  4. Secure Your Cords
  5. Never Leave Decorations Unattended


Check Your Decorations

Before you start hanging lights or plugging in cords, be sure to check your decorations for any signs of damage. This includes fraying, visible wiring, broken bulbs or bent plugs.

Electricians in Vancouver often get calls about tripped circuits and dangerous power surges from broken decorations. Faulty wiring and damaged light decorations can also easily cause an electrical fire.

Use Power Strips Wisely

A common mistake that electricians in Vancouver see is overloading your outlets. It’s strongly recommended to only plug in one high-wattage decoration per outlet and to never fill up a power strip connected to a single outlet.

Water Your Tree Often

Fresh, live trees are a gorgeous addition to your holiday decor. With proper care, they can last for quite a while and add the cosy scent of evergreens to your home. However, it’s absolutely essential to keep your tree watered and cared for while you have it strung with lights.

Every electrician in Coquitlam will tell you that a thirsty tree is a serious fire hazard. When your tree doesn’t get enough water, the branches begin to dry out and can easily ignite if they get too hot. This is also why it’s important to take down your tree as soon as it begins to show noticeable signs of dying.

Secure Your Cords

Not only are loose electrical cords a tripping hazard, but unsecured or improperly secured cords can be a safety concern for different reasons. All extension cords should be taped securely with electrical tape and placed away from heat sources and doorways.

If you’re hanging lights, do not nail or staple through the cord. This prevents electrocution and keeps the decorations in good condition.

Never Leave Decorations Unattended

It might be tempting to leave your decorations on while you’re away or asleep, but any electrician in North Vancouver will tell you that this is a major safety hazard. Unattended candles are a common cause of house fires during the holidays, and it’s possible for decorations to cause an electrical fire when nobody is home. This is especially true if you have pets.

Be Safe This Season

If you have any questions or concerns about your holiday decorations this year, AJ’s Electrical has electricians in Burnaby, Vancouver and the surrounding areas ready to visit your home and answer your questions. You can also check out our Facebook for our latest updates

Holiday Electrical Safety Tips


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