Generators Can Save the Holidays When the Power Goes Out

Dec 15, 2019

Generators during the holidays can keep life comfortable when the power goes down, and the holidays present a practical time to add a backup generator. Backup generators connected directly to a home, or portable generators, provide options for managing electrical use and coping with outages. Generators have proven their usefulness in the following holiday scenarios.

Powering Holiday Lights

A portable generator removes the threat of overloading circuits in your home when you turn on too many holiday lights. People who want to set up extravagant displays can rely on portable generators to supply power to decorations without interfering with power within the home.

Generators During The Holidays Keeps the Party Going

Large holiday gatherings might become disappointing affairs if no one can turn on lights, cook food, or watch television. A backup generator provides a power plan B that lets hosts and guests continue the festivities. When choosing a backup generator, people should get one large enough to satisfy a household’s power demands. Electricians can install special switches on backup generators that turn them on automatically when power fails.

Preventing Damage While You’re Away

Holidays sometimes mean taking a long trip out of town. Power failures while you’re away could place your home at risk. The loss of central heat might threaten pipes with freezing, and power loss could leave food to spoil in the refrigerator or freezer. Homes that rely on sump pumps for drainage also benefit from backup power that can prevent interior flooding.

Staying Prepared

The potential for stormy weather during the winter and prolonged power outages make a generator a wise choice in any situation. For people with medical conditions that rely on special equipment, backup power could be essential.

No one regrets having backup power, and the licensed electricians at AJ’s Electrical Service & Repair can inform you about your best backup power options.


Portable Electric Generator for the Holidays


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