Everything You Need to Know about Backup or Standby Generators

Jan 1, 2019

Backup or standby generators can save lives or simply reduce inconvenience during a power outage. Electrical contractors in Vancouver have the expertise to install backup generators that automatically switch on when utility power fails. This could keep medical equipment or a furnace running and allow people to use lights and refrigeration.

Types of Backup Generators

Portable generators use gasoline or diesel. They can be transported to the source of the power outage. Appliance cords can be plugged directly into them, but they offer the greatest utility when connected directly to a home’s electrical infrastructure. An electrician in Vancouver can build a dedicated circuit and an exterior connection point. When a portable generator is running on a direct connection, you can turn on lights, use appliances, and run the furnace.

Home generators are connected permanently to a building by electrical contractors in Vancouver. These run on natural gas or propane. They therefore have a constant fuel supply unlike a portable generator that you must physically refuel. Home generators function as a true standby generator because they sense the power loss and immediately activate backup power.

Reasons to Invest in Backup Generators

Backup power installed by an electrician in Vancouver is a practical choice if you:

  • Live in a cold climate
  • Experience severe storms
  • Need to preserve frozen foods

Other benefits that arise from a generator installed by an electrician from Surrey are continuation of normal operations (if you work from home, for instances) and safety because you won’t walk around in the dark.

Cost Factors

An electrician in Burnaby could inform you about installation and purchase costs. Price derives from each generator’s kilowatt output capability. The size of your home and its appliances will determine your baseline for kilowatt need. Portables will cost less than dedicated home units. A small portable generator could start at about $400 whereas a large home generator could cost $4,000. An electrician serving North Vancouver could recommend models suitable for specific needs.

How to Proceed

A consultation with an electrician in Surrey or an electrician in Burnaby from AJ’s Electrical Service & Repair will provide details about where to place the generator. Our company can also send an electrician to North Vancouver. We will explain all costs, including building permits, and ensure compliance with electrical codes.


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