How much does EV charging cost and what do I need to install?

Jul 14, 2020

With gas prices constantly rising, more and more people are looking to the cost of EV charging. Electric vehicles are more cost-effective & eco friendly, not to mention fun to drive. This has resulted in a growing number of electric vehicles on the roads. You have to consider the set up requirements for a charging station in your home, when buying an electric vehicle. What are the costs associated with getting a proper EV charging station set up at home?

What do I need?

Charging an electric vehicle is easy if you have the proper setup. All electric vehicles come with their own charging cord that works with a traditional 3 pronged outlet. However, these chargers should only be used with an outlet that is dedicated to charging your electric vehicle. This means that the same circuit should not be powering lights, heaters, or your antique toaster collection.

The installation for an Electric Vehicle Charger may include:

  • Inspection of EVSE equipment
  • Inspection of the intended installation site
  • Upgrading electrical system, if necessary
  • Installation of ESVE equipment 
  • Ensuring equipment meets code and permit requirements
  • Inspecting equipment to ensure it works properly

What are the Cost of EV Charging?

The cost of installing a proper charging station can vary depending on several different factors, including the number of vehicles that are being charged and your existing electrical system. That’s why it is important to talk to professionals, to ensure you are getting the right set up for your needs. The cost of charging your car will vary, but you could be looking at cutting your costs in half, or even by two-thirds of what you would be paying to power your traditional gas vehicle, now that sounds like pretty good savings to us. 

The benefits of going electric surpass just the cost savings, they extend to environmental and economic benefits as well. Remember to look into electric vehicle incentives in your area to help cover the costs of purchasing an electric vehicle or even charging station installation costs.

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Cost of EV Charging


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