Electrical Aspects to Consider During Home Repairs and Renovations

Aug 25, 2019

Today more than ever, we are in need of convenient electrical repairs and renovations in our home. If things are not done properly, you could end up costing yourself a lot of money down the road in repairs, fines, or even injury to your family or property. Always consult a professional electrician in Vancouver when planning construction on your home, and apply these tips to guide you.

Make Sure GFCIs are Installed

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) are electrical outlets designed to shut off when they come in contact with any type of water, liquid or moisture. It is unlikely you’ll see many modern bathrooms and kitchens built by electrical contractors in Vancouver without these handy outlets, but if you are remodelling an older home that may not have them, make sure that you upgrade to GFCIs for your safety.

Decide on Motion Sensor Lighting

When you are planning construction to any section of your home and are already speaking with an electrician in the Coquitlam area or other part of the Lower Mainland, having a couple of these installed in key locations can add safety and comfort to your residence.

Ask If You Need Electrical Repairs and Renovations

Unless you are a trained professional, you may not know exactly what wiring is required for your older home. Many homes built prior to newer regulations will have wiring that is unsafe and could potentially cause serious issues. An electrician from AJ’s Electrical will be familiar with both national and local regulations to ensure you are upgrading correctly.

Check Your Power Needs Electrical Repairs

Today, we use a great deal more energy than we did ten or twenty years ago. If you are looking to do any type of construction and need to have an electrician from Burnaby or the surrounding area come out, be sure to work with them to analyze the amount of energy you and your family truly need before work begins.

For your electrical needs in the Lower Mainland, contact the pros at AJ’s Electrical.

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