Do I Need to Replace Electrical Wiring After a Flood in BC?

Dec 20, 2021

Electrical Wiring Inspection

Considering the recent flooding in BC, it is likely that affected homeowners are worried about the safety and state of their home. As it is known that water and electricity can be a dangerous, and potentially life threatening combination, it is mandatory for homeowners to be proactive and cautious while examining their home’s electrical wiring post-flood. It is understandable that those affected by the disastrous flooding will be in a hurry to fix their homes and get back to normal, however it is important to have a home’s electrical wiring inspected as water damage can be hazardous. This leaves homeowners with the lingering question, is it really necessary to replace my home’s electrical wiring after a flood

Unfortunately, it is quite likely that you will need to replace the wiring in your home, and here are a few reasons why. First of all, water and electricity are a frightening combination that should not be neglected as the two can cause legitimate injuries and shock. With this being said, it is important to note that homeowners should keep their distance and not try to handle the wires or attached appliances. Damaged wiring from a flood can be a fire hazard due to the short electrical circuits in flooded systems. It is possible for heat to build up and start a fire if there are exposed wires in touch with flammable surfaces. The water from floods is also likely to be contaminated with unwanted toxins that can affect the conduct of electricity and worsen damage. This may also lead to future corrosion and issues in the electrical system that will need to be repaired down the line. 

Overall, any electrical system that has water damage can be extremely dangerous when re-energized. When in this situation, it is crucial to contact an electrician to turn off your electricity, as any damaged wiring could cause a power surge and permanently harm your devices. An electrician will walk through your home to inspect the state of the home’s electrical wiring, and provide follow up advice. 

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