Smoke Detector Installation

Did you know that most fire deaths are not from the fire itself, but from smoke inhalation? Heavy smoke can also block an escape route. A smoke detector is the best way to possibly save the lives of you and your family when a fire breaks out.

Advances in technology are progressively making smoke detectors safer. For example, talking alarms allow you to program in the location of the fire and tell you its location. This allows you choose the fastest and safest evacuation route. Wi-Fi-enabled units and smart device apps allow you to monitor your home from anywhere. You can check the detector’s status, get alarm notifications, and even shut off a false alarm.

Advances in smoke detector technology aren’t the only reason to upgrade. Smoke detectors have a working life of 10 years. After that, they need to be replaced. Not sure how old your smoke detectors are? If you’re in doubt, replace them.

A smoke detector is the best way to possibly save you and your family from a fire.  It’s a good idea to have a few of our smoke detectors installed in your home as they do expire after 10 years.

Make a safe decision for you and your family. Ask AJ’s professionals today about the safest and most reliable smoke detectors for your home.

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