Common Hot Tub Wiring Mistakes to Look Out For

Apr 18, 2023

When it comes to hot tub installation, repairs, or upgrades, homeowners can’t resist taking on another DIY project. Hot tub wiring mistakes can result in shock, or worse, electrocution. These mistakes can be avoided with the expertise of a licensed electrician. 


Common hot tub wiring mistakes to look out for? 

  1. Poor bonding and waterproofing
  2. Using an undersized wire
  3. Neglecting grounding and GFCI protection
  4. Not following the manufacturer’s instructions 


Poor bonding and waterproofing 

When there is a defect in the electrical installation supply, bonding lowers the risk of electric shocks. However they need to be touching two separate metal pieces. It lowers the potential voltage by connecting bonding conductors between specific components. By joining the metal parts that do not carry an electrical current, bonding brings them together to the same electrical potential. This prevents electricity from accumulating between two pieces of equipment. Due to their identical potentials, bonded conductors (people, surfaces, and products) cannot supply any current to one another.

Any outdoor electrical components must be weatherproofed. Hot tub wiring needs to be waterproofed since contact between moisture and exposed wires might result in a short circuit. You risk damaging your hot tub or causing an electrical fire without adequate waterproofing.


Using an undersized wire 

An undersized wire can cause an electrical fire when wiring a hot tub. If the wire is too small to process the electricity flowing through it, heat will be generated by the resistance to the current flow. As this happens, the wire will accumulate heat, the insulation will melt, and may ignite any nearby flammable materials.  


Neglecting grounding and GFCI protection 

Grounding provides excess electricity with the most effective and safest route from the hot tub back to the ground through the electrical panel. Without a path of least resistance, the stray voltage can build up and cause dangerous issues. Grounding also helps control massive power surges that could damage your hot tub, shock people nearby, and even cause fires. 

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) receptacle is a must for hot tub installation. A GFCI protects any electrical outlet near the hot tub. If there is a short circuit, the GFCI will shut the power off, which will prevent any potential harm to you or your hot tub. 


Not following the manufacturer’s instructions 

Now this mistake may seem obvious, but we’re all a little guilty of not following the manufacturer’s instruction manual when it comes to appliances in our homes. When it comes to hot tub installation and upkeep, following the manual is going to be key in ensuring your hot tub is operating efficiently and safely. Ignoring important notices in the manual will only leave you with more issues to deal with and repair. 

As tempting as DIY projects can be, installing, repairing, or updating your hot tub wiring should be left up to a licensed electrician. To avoid the above mistakes we recommend avoiding taking on any electrical projects yourself and contacting AJ’s Electrical to help. With over 60 years of combined experience, our team can guide and support you with your hot tub wiring needs.

Common Hot Tub Wiring Mistakes to Look Out For


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