Back to School Electricity-Saving Tips for Kids

Sep 1, 2019

With the days getting shorter and the temperatures cooling, the back to school is a great time to talk to your kids about energy conservation. Making lifestyle adjustments to help save the planet is everyone’s responsibility, and teaching kids about the ways they can make a difference will help boost their confidence. Here are a few things you can do to teach kids how to keep energy usage and costs down.


Never Keep Devices Plugged In

Kids these days are always plugged into some device or another. When they aren’t using their devices, they tend to leave them plugged into outlets or sitting on chargers. When they do this, they are still drawing energy and costing money. By simply unplugging devices when they are fully charged, kids can help save money and energy without any effort.


Go Play Outside – Back to School

Enjoying the fresh air is a great way to savour quality time with your kids during an otherwise- hectic time of year. It also decreases the amount of “screen time” your kids get which can be detrimental to their emotional and intellectual development.


Keep the Fridge Shut

Every time we open the refrigerator door, the inside temperature shifts. To make up for this, the fridge will kick on and start cooling things off. This is how a fridge is supposed to work, but when we keep the door open, that cool air is escaping into the open air of your kitchen. All of this expends a great deal of energy and can end up being reflected on your monthly electricity bill.

For more information about how you can teach kids to save electricity this fall, contact our electricians at AJ’s Electrical.

Back to School Electricity Saving Tips for Kids


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