7 Ways to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at Home

Mar 15, 2019

Carbon monoxide creates a deadly hazard within the home when appliances, furnaces, fireplaces, space heaters, or generators malfunction or lack proper ventilation. CO gas is an odourless gas produced by burning wood, natural gas, propane, gasoline or diesel.

CO is absolutely deadly because breathing the gas inhibits your blood’s ability to deliver oxygen to organs and if this occurs for a prolonged period of time, it can result in brain damage or death. Fortunately, you can keep yourself safe through awareness, regular maintenance and the use of CO alarms to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning at home.

1. Use Generators Correctly

When a power outage prompts you to start up a portable generator, make sure that it’s outside and at least six metres from doors or windows. Never use them in the basement, garage, or indoors. If you want a backup generator permanently wired into your home, then rely on an electrician in Vancouver to install it safely.

2. Maintain Gas Appliances

Every year, a qualified technician should inspect and service your furnace, water heater or other gas-fueled appliances.

3. Clean the Chimney

A blocked chimney will prevent CO from venting. Also be mindful of the threat of snow or debris blocking the vents of high-efficiency gas furnaces that typically have exhaust pipes placed close to a building’s foundation. Clear any these blockages as soon as they develop.

4. Do Not Use Outdoor Products Indoors

Camp gas stoves and charcoal or gas grills are meant only for outdoor use.

5. Monitor Space Heaters

Kerosene space heaters should not be left unattended. They also require that your indoor space has some air flow. Never use your gas stove as a space heater.

6. Beware of Keyless Ignition Vehicles

Many modern vehicles have quiet engines and remote key fobs that make it easy to leave a car running. Vehicles left running in attached garages have contaminated entire homes and claimed claims.

7. Install CO Alarms

Electrical contractors in Vancouver advise that people place CO alarms on every level of the home. These devices will alert you to dangerous gas levels. An electrician in North Vancouver could install them in the most effective locations for CO detection.

Safety for our customers is the number one priority at AJ’s Electrical Service & Repair. Contact us and we can arrange to send an electrician to Burnaby or an electrician to Coquitlam to help resolve any electrical problems you may have.




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