5 Signs Your Office Building Needs Electrician Services

Nov 2, 2021

Keeping up to date with the electrical in your office building won’t just save you money – it could potentially ensure the safety of everyone within it. It can be difficult, if not impossible, to tell the difference between what is harmless and what is dangerous without the help of a professional commercial electrician. We’ve put together a list of hazards that are considered dangerous in a commercial setting. If you experience any of the below problems, make sure you reach out to your local commercial electrician for services to ensure your building receives the attention necessary to remain safe.

5 Signs Your Office Building Needs Electrician Services

  1. Sparks when plugging and unplugging
  2. Flickering lights
  3. Circuit breaker trips regularly
  4. Warm electrical outlets
  5. Burning smell

Sparks when plugging and unplugging

If you or anyone within your building notices sparks when plugging and unplugging electrical equipment, it is within your best interest to have a professional investigate. Although this may be caused by a simple and harmless drawdown of the power supply, it may also indicate more serious issues. Older outlets increase the risk of short circuits and electrical fires, so if your wiring is on the older side, it is in your best interest to look into commercial electrician services to take a look.

Flickering lights

Flickering lights don’t necessarily point to danger, but if the issue is recurring and happening in more than one room, it may be an indicator of more serious electrical problems. A commercial electrician can diagnose whether the issue is coming from a faulty bulb, electrical fitting, an overloaded circuit, among other possible causes. Not only could the integrity of your building’s electrical be at risk, but also the wellbeing of the people within it. Prolonged flickering of overhead lights can cause vision issues, headaches, and an overall decrease in morale. 

Circuit breaker trips regularly

If tripping your office breaker becomes more than just an occasional fluke, it could be a warning sign of an electrical problem. Resetting your breaker is a temporary fix that doesn’t address the root cause of the issue. A licensed, experienced electrician can inspect the current wiring and connections to identify the source of the issue and repair the problem so your office experiences minimal interruptions.

Warm electrical outlets

If you feel your outlets are warm to the touch, you should definitely consider having a professional commercial electrician take a look at the problem. A professional electrician will be well aware of today’s codes and regulations which, especially if it is older, your building may not be up to date with. Wiring standards are always being improved upon in order to ensure safety and efficiency, and being up to date with them is the best way to know your building’s wiring is not a safety concern.

Burning smell

If anyone in your building notices a burning smell when turning on an appliance, turn the switch off immediately and trip the circuit breaker if possible. If that seems to eliminate the burning smell, reach out to your local commercial electrician to investigate the issue at hand immediately. If the burning smell remains or grows stronger after turning off the appliance, you should put yours, and everyone within your building’s, safety first by calling 911 and being prepared to evacuate. 

If you’ve experienced any of the above issues, or any other electrical problems, the experts at AJ’s Electrical are here to help. Big or small jobs, we strive to provide prompt, professional service at a price you can afford. The owners have 60+ years combined experience in the trade and have passed down that experience to our technicians. We are fully bonded and insured with honest, courteous and reliable technicians that make every minute count to complete on time and on budget.

Office Building Electrician | 5 Signs Your Office Is In Need


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