5 Reasons to get an Electrician Inspection in Vancouver

Oct 4, 2021

Hiring an electrician to inspect your home regularly is more important than you may assume, especially in Greater Vancouver. As the seasons’ change and temperature drops (or rises), it is essential to ensure all your appliances are working properly, and that your electrical work is in pristine condition. Rather than waiting till something goes wrong, it is important to schedule regular electrical inspections. Not only to reduce the costs of emergency repairs, however, to keep your home and loved ones safe. 

5 Reasons you should have an electrician inspect your home regularly in Greater Vancouver:


Keeping your family safe

If your home has faulty wiring, there is the risk of electrical sparking that could result in a fire, property damage, or injury. Wires that are damaged may also cause damage to electronics that are plugged in and risk electrocution. Regular inspections can avoid any personal injury or home damage. 


Save money

By regularly inspecting your home, you can save money on your monthly electric bills, as electricians can inform you of the efficiency of your electrical system. By upgrading or tuning up certain appliances, you can make your home more efficient and reduce the risk of costly emergency repairs in the long run.


Risk of carbon monoxide poisoning 

Did you know that the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning increases in the winter? When your furnace is producing heat in the winter it creates CO gas, which is the byproduct of incomplete combustion. Staying in doors and keeping the cold weather out is part of the reason CO poisoning is dangerous in the winter. With this being said, hiring an electrician for an inspection can ensure that your furnace is producing heat both functionally and safely in the winter weather. 


Checking smoke detectors

During the chilly winter months, it is important to ensure your smoke detector is working properly as the risk of house fires increases when the temperature drops. Hiring an electrician is useful as they can check that the smoke detector is placed properly and test that each one is functioning correctly.


Peace of mind

Knowing that your home’s electricity is in top condition and that your house is as safe as possible helps homeowners feel comfortable and relaxed in their homes. By having regular inspections by an electrician, you can fully trust the condition of your home and its electricity. 

There are many benefits to regularly having your home inspected by a Vancouver electrician! Keep your home and loved ones safe, all while saving money and avoiding possible damage. Since 2003, our team of experts at AJ’s Electrical Service & Repair have been assisting customers throughout the Lower Mainland with their electrical needs. Contact us today!


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