5 Reasons Not to Hire a Budget Electrician

Oct 1, 2019

Quotes for services from electrical contractors in Vancouver vary in their amounts.

Judging estimates purely on the dollar amount, however, doesn’t necessarily translate into getting the best value. A budget electrician might skimp on the quality of materials or not spend as much time double-checking the quality of an installation or repair.

Here are a few other reasons why it’s worth it to invest in quality electrical services.

  1. No Electrical Contractor’s License

A handyman who claims the ability to perform electrical repairs or installations might lack up-to-date training. The absence of a license could make it impossible for the electrical work to comply with building codes. No license also means that the person cannot have insurance for electrical work. If a problem results for you, then you’ll have no recourse for the damages.

  1. Outdated Knowledge

Staying on top of technological advances and new safety standards are part of the job for any electrician in Coquitlam. A budget electrician may not have the motivation, time or even the means of acquiring new technical training. Hiring someone who charges substandard rates could result in work based on practices that are no longer accepted.

  1. Poor Diagnostic Skills

A discount service provider might be operating with limited knowledge. Unlike an electrician in North Vancouver from AJ’s Electrical who can turn to other licensed professionals for advice, a budget electrician might have to make best guesses at your house. As a result, you might not get the right thing repaired.

  1. No Work Guarantee

A budget electrician might offer only excuses if the work is not to your satisfaction. You could end up paying someone else to fix problems that the first technician caused and would not correct.

  1. Safety

Ultimately, proper electrical work is essential for the safe functioning of your home’s electrical infrastructure. When corners get cut by an unlicensed electrician, you could risk a house fire or the malfunction of expensive electronics and appliances.

An electrician in Vancouver from AJ’s Electrical possesses appropriate licensing and training as well as a professional commitment to performing safe work. At AJ’s Electrical, we maintain high standards and are insured to provide electrical work at your home. Whether you’re in Vancouver or need an electrician in Burnaby, you can count on us to use high-quality electrical parts and meet modern safety standards.

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