3 Reasons you Should Hire an Electrician for Dimmer Installation

Nov 25, 2021

Whether you prefer dimming your lights and curling up with a book, or having a relaxing bubble bath, dimmer switches create an undeniably serene ambience. Creating a cozy and inviting environment in the cooler months is a necessity, and dimmer lights are the ultimate way to provide a sense of warmth to your home. If you are considering dimmer installation, we are here to inform you of 3 reasons why hiring an electrician is important for your installation and supply.


Professional Experience 

You may be intrigued to try and complete the installation of dimmer switches yourself, yet unless you have previous electrician experience, it is always important to hire a professional. By hiring a professional electrician, you can guarantee the job will be completed properly and safely, and ensure that you are using the proper dimmer switches for your home. Plus they can inform you if any issues arise that need to be addressed prior to installation. It is important to remember that when you hire a professional, you are hiring an experienced, properly trained, qualified electrician who works safely and efficiently.


Having Enough Power

When installing dimmer switches, it is essential to check the power rating of the switch you will be using. Does your room have enough power for the dimmer switch you purchased? Is your light switch automatic, manual or timed? Are you interested in a single switch or a double switch? These factors all involve the amount of power you will be using with your switch, therefore it is necessary to ensure your space has enough charge to power your new dimmer switches. An electrician can inform you of the watts of power your space can handle, and supply you with a reliable dimmer switch suited for your home.


Expert Knowledge

It is important to check with an electrician to see if having a dimmer switch is compatible with the light fixture and bulb you are planning to use. Though most switches can be replaced with dimmer switches, not all are created to function properly with a switch. By having an electrician inspect the lights you are interested in using, they will be able to recommend and supply an adequate dimmer switch for that particular area. Due to a professional electrician’s knowledge and training, they will know exactly what product is right for you.

If you are looking to hire a professional electrician to install and supply dimmer switches for your home as the cozy month approaches, the experts at AJ’s Electrical are here to help. Big or small jobs, we strive to provide prompt, professional service at a price you can afford. The owners have 60+ years combined experience in the trade and have passed down that experience to our technicians. Contact us today!

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